Western Union – Las Vegas- Valentines day Destination Wedding

Western Union – Las Vegas- Valentines day Destination Wedding

This time last year I was packing my gear for the most amazing destination and all around adventure I had ever been on. I was flying out to Las Vegas, Nevada to photograph Anastacia and Trevors off-beat, Valentines day, western themed, Vegas wedding in the Valley of Fire. My assistant was my long time friend Katie Crisman. We had worked together on several jobs while we were in College together in south Florida. I couldn’t think of a better person to help me with this zany couple.

Anastacia is a costume and set designer so all of her western themed decorations were hand made. The DIY details included her crochet wedding dress, bouquet and of course western themed Valentines day goodie bags for all her guests.

I photographed the wedding using my infrared camera and a special prism lens. The result was a trippy collection of wedding photographs. They brought their cats with them to hang out in their swanky Vegas hotel room that they had decorated with all western themed items.

I had a blast following this amazing bunch of people all around Vegas and the Valley of Fire snapping photographs.

Trevor and Anastacia kiss on their balcony in Vegas the night before their wedding.
Trevor and Anastacia kiss on their balcony in Vegas the night before their wedding.
The view from the Cosmopolitan hotel right on the Vegas strip. So much eye candy for a photographer 🙂
Anastacia and Trevor had their cats along for the festivities.
These are the western themed DIY goodie bags the bride made for her guests. Anastacia is the DIY queen!
Fun DIY pins decorated with western themed buttons and sequins.
The brides blue cowgirl boots were a perfect quirky choice for the western themed wedding.
The happy couple ready for the big day relaxing in the lobby of the Cosmopolitan hotel.
One of the most beautiful features of the hotel was this amazing hanging crystal chandelier. The strands were several stories long.
This is an infrared photograph I took of the ceremony in the Valley of Fire.
The couple posing in their DIY western themed Photo Booth! They set this up in the foyer of their hotel room. Such a fun idea!

Anastacia_Trevor_Vegas_DIY_Wedding_Photographer_Puerto_Rico_Rincon_Images-8 Anastacia_Trevor_Vegas_DIY_Wedding_Photographer_Puerto_Rico_Rincon_Images-10 Anastacia_Trevor_Vegas_DIY_Wedding_Photographer_Puerto_Rico_Rincon_Images-14 Anastacia_Trevor_Vegas_DIY_Wedding_Photographer_Puerto_Rico_Rincon_Images-17 Anastacia_Trevor_Vegas_DIY_Wedding_Photographer_Puerto_Rico_Rincon_Images-18 Anastacia_Trevor_Vegas_DIY_Wedding_Photographer_Puerto_Rico_Rincon_Images-19 Anastacia_Trevor_Vegas_DIY_Wedding_Photographer_Puerto_Rico_Rincon_Images-21 Anastacia_Trevor_Vegas_DIY_Wedding_Photographer_Puerto_Rico_Rincon_Images-22 Anastacia_Trevor_Vegas_DIY_Wedding_Photographer_Puerto_Rico_Rincon_Images-23 Anastacia_Trevor_Vegas_DIY_Wedding_Photographer_Puerto_Rico_Rincon_Images-25



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